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About me

My name is James Boardman and Helping Dads To Stop Existing & Start Living To Rediscover The Best Version Of Themselves In Life & Business

There is a distinct lack of self priority in dads, and non dads, and it’s costing many dads mentally, emotionally and physically. The lack of focus on yourself as a dad has been a contributing fact to you slipping in your self standards to level up in your life and business, and to be the role model to your kids, and leader of yourself and those around you.

in 2011 I left the Royal Marines Commandos. I served as a sniper & Physical Training Instructor. I deployed to Afghanistan in 2006. After my deployment I helped train up and guide snipers on the Royal Marine sniper course.

This opened the door for me to follow my passion in fitness as a PTI, I’ve been responsible for passing out 4 troops of men ready for duty, (in the 1000’s). My role was to ensure they were physically and mentally robust enough to pass the demanding requirements to be a Royal Marine Commando.

My role as an acting Sgt in the Royal Marines still remains the proudest chapter of my life, serving my country created the man I am today, and the values I carry. So leaving was the hardest decision in life to date.

So why leave ?

At the time 2 young children (now terrible teenagers) who were tired of not seeing dad enough. I could no longer endure the 700 mile round trips at the wk end, only to get a day and a half with them, so I had to make the painful decision to leave, que my spiral downfall.

I left September 2011, by September 2013 I was suffering heavily from PTSD , divorced, and on the brink of ending everything. Clouded by dark thoughts from losing my identity, vision, ambition, drive, passion and purpose, I lost the thirst for life.

I went from a super fit PTI, to an overweight washed up teacher who had managed to fuck his life up terribly. The night I nearly decided to end it all, I dragged myself for a run. It was meant to be a 30 minute run, but that run lasted 3.5 hours.

On the run I would cry, laugh, reflect, It was an emotional journey. That run saved my life. It lifted the cloud just enough to figure what the fuck I was doing. I looked at the picture of my two children, the purpose that was in front of me, that I just forgot, re sparked me back into changing my life to be something so much more.

Since 2013 I’ve built up two successful businesses, I look after 7 staff and over 400 clients. The journey to my life today has been one of self discovery, commitment, and desire to constantly improve myself 1% a day.

I even wrote a book called It’s A State Of Mind to help men with the basics, all the common sense approaches you forget when it comes to your wellbeing. It’s even sold 10,000 copies, alongside that I offer FREE content via my podcast It’s A State Of Mind. I host my Morning JB Show, and also run a FREE 5 Day Coaching Programme every 6 weeks.

As well as all of this I work with business owners who desperately need to upgrade their working practices and productivity to be an Elite Operator in their business and life. It’s my personal passion, creating structure for dads in business, and away from business, finding the gaps and filling them.

Where do I find the time for all this, 3 children and 7 hours of fitness a week. Structure, discipline, forward thinking, developing habits, failing failing failing, until the win comes along. Over the years I’ve built my habits, routines and structure to be bomb proof, and I’ve simply documented this over the years, to help other dads dominate their path

I’m hungry for you to succeed, and I dedicate my working days to helping those on my mastermind, or the entry programme the 28 Day Hero 2 Zero, or for business owners Focus and Flow

Welcome to my world, if you’re ready I look forward to helping you on what ever level you decide to jump into



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